Oakland Airport Parking

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When you travel to or from Oakland, it is a good idea to make everything as easy on yourself as possible. From the quickest way to book your flight to the most efficient way to get from the airport to your hotel, it is all about making life simple. The simpler the process, the less that can go wrong. That is why you should consider booking Oakland airport parking in advance, and make one more step in the process easy and worry free.

Oakland International Airport (OAK) has nine airport parking lots to choose from, which are generally located to the northeast of the airport terminal. Many of these parking lots are along 98th Avenue.

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Oakland International Airport is roughly four miles from downtown Oakland and can be a good alternative to San Francisco International Airport, depending on where you live or your final destination. Many low cost airlines use Oakland instead of SFO, so that is another reason it could be a good alternative. Southwest Airlines has the most flights to and from Oakland. In the airport concourses you will find the usual airport restaurants and shops, as well as WiFi offered throughout the terminal. For traffic information, see the Road Commission website.

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Planning a long drive to or from the airport, or an odd-hours flight? Check out Oakland Airport (OAK) park and sleep hotels.

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Oakland Airport Shuttles

Don’t fancy driving to the airport? Or leaving your car there and paying for parking? Catch a shuttle to Oakland airport.
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Why Reserve Airport Parking?
Reserve your spot at an airport parking lot before you get there and save money! First park and then fly through parking companies that provide a range of parking options including self-park, valet, and indoor/covered. Airport parking in advance will provide you the following benefits:
  • Guaranteed Reservations
  • Free Airport Shuttle
  • Low Rates
It's quick, safe, guaranteed. You pay for one day online, which will be deducted from your bill at the airport parking lot. No extra fees so it's a good time to reserve now and save money!