Airport Shuttles

More than ever these days, airline travel seems like one giant hassle. So if there is anything you can do to make any part of a travel day less frustrating for yourself, why not do it? One easy thing you can do is schedule an airport shuttle to get you to or from the airport.

Of all the ways you can get to the airport before your flight, getting an airport shuttle is probably the simplest method. Taking an airport shuttle means you do not have to worry about driving yourself or finding a parking space in a busy airport lot during a busy travel weekend. It means you do not have to lug your heavy bags on and off public transit. And it means you do not have to cajole your friends into driving you out to the airport themselves.

Using an airport shuttle to get home from the airport is also a great idea, for many of the same reasons. While getting from baggage claim to the airport parking lot and then walking to your car can take forever, hopping on an airport shuttle which then takes you straight to your front door is quick and efficient. And if you are jetlagged after your flight, that is no time to get behind the wheel! Let someone else do the driving for you, and you can ease your way back into your home time zone.

To book an airport shuttle, click on the banner above. You’ll be asked to either type in your zip code, or you can type in a landmark, such as the hotel you are staying in. With the second option, you don’t even have to enter the whole landmark name or city name in order to get results. So for a Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon, you can enter “Hilton” in the landmark field and just “Port” in the city field – then you’ll get to a page where you can choose the exact location of the Hilton you are in. Easy. Just the way we like it.

Airport Limousines

And if you’re looking to step it up a notch and arrive in some style and comfort, you may be more interested in booking a limo to the airport.